Bird watching

With only 285 bird species Madagascar is not quantitatively as rich as some other countries. The difference comes from the fact that more than half of these species are endemic while elsewhere the fauna is often continental and similar in several countries. A non exhaustive list of the most convenient places for the observation will include definitely Andasibe Mantadia which is a real top place and competes with Anjozorobe 2 hour drive from the capital; Ranomafana on the way to Mananjary is offering a special ornithological tour; Ankarafantsika in the west, the Amber Mountain forest and Ankarea in the north and sites as Bezaha Mahafaly, Berenty, Tsimanampetsotsa or Ifaty in the south. About 100 kilometres north of Toliara is lake Ihotry which attracts in certain years more than 15.000 pink flamingos and is a place for regular wintering migrant birds. The eastern rainforests shelter more than 50% of the endemic species. The last three months of the year are the most favourable for birdwatching in Madagascar as the birds can then be easily located by their singing.